Om Footway


Footway er en nettbasert plattform som gjør det mulig for kunde og produsent å møtes. Vi vil synliggjøre trender og kollektiv innsikt for å gjøre produksjonen av kvalitetsprodukter enda bedre. Vi tror at kundenes vurderinger når det gjelder kvalitet, pris og miljøhensyn kommer til å være avgjørende for fremtidas produkter innen mote.

Team Footway

Vår kultur er grunnlagt i en vilje til å stadig lære seg nye ting og dele av lærdommen man har. For å fremskynde kompetanse og utviklingshastighet jobber vi med crowdsourcing, AI og datadrevet automatisering. Verktøy som gjør at vi hele tiden kan forbedre tjenesten vår i samarbeid med kunder og leverandører over hele verden. Fra kontoret vårt i Stockholm, eller hvor som helst med en internettilkobling, jobber vi for å skape den beste opplevelsen.


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We support and facilitate data driven production to increase quality, reduce waste and to make consumption sustainable


E-commerce is the public transport of goods - smart, resource-efficient and sustainable. However, Footway's ambition goes way beyond that. At the core of its business, strategy and vision, Footway is focused on sustainability and on transforming the industry into producing less waste and having lower error rates. By making thier large amount of data on consumer behaviour available to suppliers, Footway indirectly gives consumers impact on which products are produced and hence will be available in the future. Using the quick and clear feedback from from Footway's platform in planning, product development and manufacturing gives suppliers and partners the opportunity to reduce returns, scrap and waste.


Carbon neutral air transport

Our logistics partner DHL works with transparency, minimization of emissions and carbon offsets. Together with DHL Express, Footway invests in climate protection projects in different regions around the world.

Read more at DHL


Reduce scrap

Shoes returned to Footway undergo rigorous quality control. Only flawless shoes are sold again and sent to customers. To ensure that other returns and complaints are also taken care of in a sustainable and financially efficient way, Footway sells these shoes in collaboration with Sellpy. This way the shoes get a new home. Since the partnership with Sellpy in 2019, we have together saved 300 tonnes of CO2 and 40 million liters of water and sold almost 13,000 pairs of shoes.

Read more at Sellpy


Cardboard recycling

FTI works with sustainable recycling of packaging and newspapers. Through Footway's collaboration with FTI, our packaging is taken care of in a sustainable way. We pay for the recycling of everything we produce and 80% of our packaging becomes new packaging..

Read more at FTI


Creating future optimism among young people

My Dream Now creates meetings and collaboration between education and working life, to help young people find their own ways to work and dreams. Through the collaboration with My Dream Now, Footway contributes to the provision of skills and social sustainability in society. In 2019, 1,793 students have met with coaches and 61% of these students feel more positive about the future and jobs.

Read more at My Dream Now


Increased service life of IT products

Inrego is working with reusing and extending the life of IT equipment. Through Footway's collaboration with Inrego, we increase the lifespan of the IT products we use in our operations. By renovating and reselling, Inrego guarantees at least 1 year longer service life for our old IT products.

Read more at Inrego


Recycling at the office

Returab collects and recycles residual products from offices - paper, hazardous waste, electronics, packaging, glass and metal, etc. Together with Returab, Footway takes care of waste and residual products. By transforming waste into a useful and valuable resource, we reduce our climate footprint.

Read more at Returab

Together we affect the production quality for all products disregarding distribution channel

Core values

Customer Satisfaction

We always prioritize our customers, and the customer experience.
We understand our own influence on the customer experience.
We keep our promises.

Continuous Learning

We have a positive attitude to changes and new challenges.
We respect each other, and we are approachable.
We find joy in learning new things.


We see all internal and external partners as friends - long-term is key.
We support the development of our colleagues - both private and professional.
We are transparent and open with information as default.

Tech principles


We value global structure over local performance.
We don’t allow for local exceptions, so that we can optimize on a system level.
We control deviations rather than striving for perfect systems.

AI and Automation

Never do it twice. We automate everything except customer contact.
We monitor our automations and make changes to the algorithm, not the output.
By building machines to do the work, we get exponentially more done.


With 7.7 billion in the world, external competence trumps in house production.
Customer data-driven site and marketing allows efficient mass-testing.
Different people solving the same problem yields evolutionary development.

We’d love to hear from you

Contact information


OBS – Ved retur, husk returetikett
Mineralgatan 7
254 64 Helsingborg

Alle produkter som vises på nettstedet er lagerførte i vårt sentrallager, noe som gir kortest mulig leveringstid. Hvis produktet ikke passer tar vi gjerne imot returen din. Ved en eventuell retur, ber vi om at du bruker returetiketten vår.

Other contact information

Local administration

Footway NO (obs - ikke lager) 
PB 1681 Vika
0120 Oslo
VAT: 921 786 050 MVA

Footway Group AB
PO Box 1292, 164 29 Kista
Sweden 556818-4047
VAT: SE556818404701

Press and Investor Relations

Susanne Cederström
+46 735 266 098

Corporate Contacts

Daniel Mühlbach, Managing Director
+46 735 336 545

Louise Liljedahl, Operations
+46 763 168 140

Footway HQ

Victoria Tower, floor 31
Nolsögatan 3
Stockholm, Kista

28456 treff
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