I just planed to buy this, the...

I just planed to buy this, then found that the price changed to 1747 in several minutes…see youuuuuuu

Marlena, Footway

Hi, our prices changes on a daily basis.

Please get in touch with our customer service, so that we can help you out :slight_smile:


Yes. I totally agree with Hao GAO @Dr Martens 1460 Cherry. £112 for a pair of cherry 1460’s is outrageous. Especially since Dr. Marten’s moved production out of England - specifically to take advantage of cheaper labour! So, it is an issue with the Dr. Marten company, selling a £60 boot for £90/100, or so. Footway have to make their slice, adding another £20/30. If we all boycotted Dr. Marten’s until they get reasonable, then m a y b e Dr. Marten’s will be No.1 globally (again). Well. What say Dr. Martens?

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